13 April 2013

Enough is enough, time to get the wheels turning

Well after many days/weeks of working in the house / garden the sun was telling me to get out and get a couple of hours in. Last Saturday morning the Fat bike got dragged out for a few miles. Angus came along as well. We had a loop planned but changed our minds by the time we got to Broompark Picnic Area. We ended up heading to Waterhouses then up the climb to Stanley Crook. On the top we stopped for a quick break looking down over Crook and still plenty of snow on the hills in the background. The lines we lovely and dry and was easy going. Headwind on the way back in but the sun was still shinning.
Nearly there

On the flat section near the top

At the top, snow in the far hills

Better duck for the viaduct

Lovely dry singletrack

Singletrack down through the woods

Following the river Browney

Nearly back on tarmac

Down hill through the woods towards Durham

Landed at Durham Riverside, just another 3+ miles to get home and nearly all up hill
That was a steady 25 miles of easy going riding. Cannot beat it.
Sunday came and again the sun was out but loads to do before going away on our Hols so dragged Arran and Angus out for the night loop down into Durham around about then back home. A quick 13 miler blast to turn the legs over. Then it was time to pack up ready for some Lakeland Trail action

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