21 April 2013

Nutcracker Rd2 Gandale, Catterick Sun 21.4.13

Well I thought it was going to tough but it ripped my legs off. Dragging Arran around on the tandem for 32 miles aromund Durhams hills the day before was probably not the best idea the day before the race. It was dry with very little mud and perfect under tyre but the weather was overcast, windy & cold. Not as windy as last year but just enough to make it hard going. Race report to follow but here is MBE's gallery of todays first, second & Sweat Monster races. All the pics are free to download and keep. Rd 3 is @ Akse Estate, Richmond. https://picasaweb.google.com/scotbrown1/NutcrackerRd2Gandale

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