27 April 2013

A good old mixed week

After last Sundays Nutcracker mtb race my legs were trashed for a few days. I was thinking back when the last time i raced mtb xc and im sure it was Lightwater Valley many moons ago. That was a fantastic fun course and a real laugh riding under and around the wooden roller coaster. We went to the League2000 on the Monday night and that was a killer after a day at work/school and being out all weekend. Took an hour to get there but we got home slightly earlier this week 9.45pm. The kids enjoy it but its a slog and we are up and out the house before 7am the following day. A busy week at work as well so not much time to play.
I brushed the dust off my trail trainers and did a 53min trail run around Maiden Castle/Houghall woods area and was a blast but by god did the legs feel it after not running for over six month! Going to start to do some more trail running or should that be jogging.
Friday came and it was freezing cold, blowing a gale and sore legs so decided to head for the hills, well Tow Law for a blast on my Supersix. Got 27miles in and 2000ft + climbs with a massive headwind for 13miles out but lovely quiet back roads. Mostly a tail wind back in and sun came back out so was happy when i finished.
Quiet weekend as im skint and on my arse until pay day so time for catching up with some bike washing/servicing jobs etc!

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