13 April 2013

New treat for the new girl

On the way from Grizedale to Threlkeld i called in past Ambleside. There is a cracking little bike shop hidden up a back street called Ghyllside Cycles. A shiny thing caught my eye in the display cabinet and thought oh i will treat the new fat bike to one of those. Its a little different to normal but works a treat.

I found out alittle more about the bell here - http://www.amba-marketing.com/products/585-amba_disc_bell.php Ghyllside cycles had a couple in so there is one left in the cabinet. Might get the disc engraved with some text but not sure what. I have seen a pic of one at this Weekends Bespoke Cycle Show that looks like it has been gold plated.
Also when i got talking to the lad i spotted a box with a pair of Surly Knard 29x3" tyres in, i asked what they were for ? well further in the box was the Rabbit hole rims etc. A box upstairs was a lovely shinny new Krampus framset ready to get built up with Alfine 11 speed Di2 ! its going to be a shop demo but they cannot a start with the build as they are waiting for stock of the alfine rear hub @ Madison. Its due in stock in May so not long now. They also have a Puglsey on Demo and one in the window as well.

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