13 February 2013

The joys of Winter Tyres (car ones lol)

What a day, was at work 6.45am and had seven site visits to do with the temperature not getting above 0 degrees it was fun to say the least. Baltic strong wind and blizzards, oh the joys of living in the uk. To make things even worse the 10mph club was out again later this afternoon clogging the roads up. One thing I can say if you have a few spare bob kicking around get yourself some proper winter tyres. I have been using them for three winters now and they are spot on. I got these (pic to left), not the cheapest but wearing well, no excessive road noise and alot more grip than a ordinary tyre http://www.tyremen.co.uk/range/vredestein-snowtrac-3.aspx

It will be all gone by the morning, due to rain all night and 7 degress tomorrow, what on earth is happening to the climate? Not been on the bike since last Saturday so need to be out, busy day at work tomorrow as well so might be Friday before I can get out. Weekend is looking ok at the mo, get some miles in.

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