25 February 2013

Some stuff that works & some stuff that dosent

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When I was over in the Lakes we called in past a bike shop http://www.dc-cycles.co.uk/ (no surprise there then) and got talking to Dave and ended up buying one of these. Not cheap by any means but I was sick of my ears and head getting cold. This is made from double 100% merino wool layers and big enough to cover all of your ears. I was going to use it in the Lakes but it was too hot & sunny, shock horror but on Sundays ride it was tested to the full. I had a strong wind and temperatures around zero degrees but my head was warm for a change and it made all the difference. Just got to sort out my feet now! Northwave Artics are quite few years old and looking worse for wear.

Now then onto things which are not so good. I have had some crap BB's in my life of cycling but this has beat all records by a long way. My Salsa Mukluk came with an E Thirteen XCX external BB30 BB. It was starting to sound and feel alittle rough after a couple of months but when I swapped it over onto the Beargrease it was getting worse with every ride. So after three months use it has been removed and waiting to be sent back. I contacted Silverfish regarding the BB and they confirmed which replacement one was required so have upgraded to the higher spec bearing model to see it lasts any longer. They said to return the other one through my LBS who can return it back under waranty and they will have a look at it. I will just have to wait and see.

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