11 August 2013

Nutcracker / Sweat Monsters Rd6 Fremington

Yestreday was the Grand Final of this years Nutcracker MTB Series which was based at the Dales Bike Centre, Fremington. There was the Sweatmonsters at midday on a new course this year which was based in the far field running alongside the river. The kids were split up into there age cat's and all did a one lap time trial to start. Then there was the three main races based on the same course. There was some very close battles building up through all the age cats and some final positions were battled out on the last lap. There is a set of the full results and photos for yesterdays action are here.
All the riders set off at the same time from Dales Centre up in to the holding field where they were gridded into age cat's. I didnt do the fun cat this time but Angus did his race which was based on the full course inc the beast climb upto the edge. He did one lap and really enjoyed it on me Salsa Beargrease fat bike.

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