3 July 2018

Local hot spin out on the road with the Canondale Black Inc Nano

Looks like its going to be another red hot and sunny week. Yesterday I did not manage to get out on the bike but I did hit the couch at 6pm and had a power nap! today I was out on the roads all day again but manged to squeeze in a 55min spin on the Cannondale road bike. I have not used it for a long time and forgot just how light the thing is. It was a local loop taking in Sherburn Village, Sherburn Hill. Pittington, Ludworth, Heslden, Little Town, Low & High Pittington, Belmont & Gilesgate. The roads were not too busy and there was a lovely cool breeze but blowing too hard for my likings. Once I got warmed up I did not feel too bad but my legs were heavy on the hills. I think it is a sign to get out on my road bikes more and go and beast myself up some nasty climbs!. Below are a few pics from the ride, enjoy and hopefully more soon -

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