15 April 2018

Fresh Goods Sunday - B'Twin Flash MTB Rear Mudguard

We went through to Team Valley shops a good few months ago for some ski clothing for Arran so we called into Decathlon. I have only been in a couple of times before and its a big shop stacked floor to ceiling on two levels on all types of sports stuff. I had a look at the cycling section upstairs and come across this "ass type saver" and looked to be good value for money. It is a very similar fit to the Ass Saver but also has a reusable zip tie to keep it in place. Fitting was relatively quick but refitting the seat pack straps back through the saddle rails with the mudguard in place was fiddly but got there in the end. It did offer some protection but not much on a 29 x 2.6 tyre size. Probably work better on a 26" or even 27.2" narrower tyre. After a couple of rides it has kept in place better than all my other ass savers I have used in the past but it has now split! Yes the plastic is too brittle compared to the ass saver and has only lasted 2-3 short rides. Its a real shame as it is a better shape than the bigger ass saver I have. I am going to keep it for the time being until it splits more then I will bin it. The product does come with a 2 year guarantee but for what it cost its not worth taking back.

RRP £2.99 and here is a LINK
Non-messy Protects buttocks and lower back from tyre spray.
Easy assembly / dismantling Fitted and removed under the saddle in one step.
Compatibility Fits practically all MTB saddles.
Compact design Can be carried anywhere, either in a bag or in a pocket.
These new, ultra-compact and ultralight mudguards can be taken anywhere.
Warning: Not designed to protect mountain bikers from getting dirty, but protects buttocks and lower back from water and large pieces of mud kicked up by rear wheel, providing greater comfort.
Main fabric
100.00% Polypropylene (PP)
Care instructions: Can be washed with water.
Stock advice Store flat.
Guarantee : 2 Years


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