4 December 2017

Sundays Shincliffe Hike inc Fish n Chips @ Shields

Sunday I decided to go for a steady hike as my lungs / asma is not the best at the mo with my man flue nor shifting. I have been off the bike for over two weeks now trying to take it steady. The forecast was for some lovely sunshine and warm temperatures. Well I got the warm but very little sun and was mainly overcast / cloudy and knee deep in clarts due to all the snow / ice / frost melting / coming up out of the ground. I left from low Shincliffe and did one big loop bringing me back to low Shincliffe.  I ended up doing just under 8 miles in 2hrs 25mins exc stoppages for photos etc. Below are some pics, enjoy and hopefully more soon -

Not far to go now, just checking watch to see if I am still alive!

Alt Berg boots never let a drop of water in and the mud/water/poo was up past my ankles

Oh a couple of pics of the fantastic fish n chips from Colemans @ South Shields on Saturday -


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