14 July 2017

Steady Friday spin to Bishop n back on the Mason

I did not have too much spare time today so was a short spin down to Bishop n back on the old railway line. I was not feeling the best either and a headwind nearly all the way through which did not help the old legs. Once I had gone through Willington I was feeling more up for the ride. The lines were very quiet indeed so was easy going. The wooded sections were still wet and slippery in places after the heavy over night rain. Once I reached Bishop I crossed the viaduct and had 5 mins sat on the bench watching the traffic go by. I felt better on the return leg and had the tail wind as well. Again the line was again very quiet so was spinning along nicely. As for the weather well is a mixed bag of overcast cloud and a odd couple of sunny spells. The forecast was 21 degrees butt he Garmin was hovering around 16 degrees. I did not take many pics due to time but below are a couple.
Wednesday I got a 1/2 hour walk in and yesterday another 1 1/2 hour walk.
Tomorrows forecast is looking wet to say the least but Sunday is looking a lot better at the mo. Hopefully more soon -

New reading material landed

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