27 June 2017

First and may be last ride of the week

Yesterday (Monday) was probably the only ride I will get in this week as we have very heavy rain forecasted from now for the rest of the week apart from a small break from midnight tonight then the rain restarts at 4am tomorrow. So I took the Mason out for a spin along the old railway line to Bishop and back. I thought my legs would have been tired but they were fine. In fact its the quickest I have blasted through to Bishop in a very long time. For a change there was no wind to battle against and the lines were bone dry and dusty. There was not many other people out apart from some dog walkers so not much to slow down for. The Mason just gets better and better, I just love riding this bike its so comfortable.
Below are a couple of pics from the ride, enjoy and I will be back at the end of the week for an update.

New Shimano cap nuts have been ordered, thanks to Westbrook Cycles and might even arrive today - excellent service as ever.

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