10 October 2013

Turn Night into Day on the Beargrease

With the evenings starting to draw in quickly its time to charge your lights up again. This is the second night so far on the Beargrease set up for the dark nights. On a Wednesday I drop Angus off at the CX training at Meadowfield then i head off along the lines in the darkness. This week was an eye opener to say the least. The temperature without the baltic gale windchill factor was just over 6 degress and you could hardly stand up on the open field. Once onto the lines and through the woods most sections were sheltered better from the wind but still hard going. I was going to head for the hills but kept it simple and went aalong the old line to Bishop Auckland, over the Newton Cap Viaduct and into Bishop. Quick drink, 180 degree turn around and headed straight back. Last week there were a few walkers, horse riders and animals about inc an owl & a bat, this week i only seen two people over the 19 miles and no wildlife, they had more sense than me! I took the camera but i think it was suffering from the cold like me, got a few snaps of the Lupine Betty 7 and Smart R1 lights in action. 

On the way out still some daylight as it was a clear sky

Just over 6 degrees compaired to 16 degrees the day before

Lighting up the bridge underpass

R1 on full power, dont use this option offroad but is excellent for road sections

Turn night into day on full power option

This was just before i set off and you can see the floodlights were on

Camera was just not having it tonight

Upgraded last year from my old Edison 5, which is still going strong
A test report on the lights will be on the Blog over the next few weeks after some more night rights.

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