7 October 2013

The World of Fat 2014 Bling has started

2014 is going to FAT MASSIVE, its going to be mental with new gear getting designed and tested for the masses (if you can afford it!) here are some photos of some recent Trade Shows. It will not long before the first Carbon Fat Bikes hit the UK shores. Im not saying anymore but technology and new designs are appearing every week from designers/manufacturers. Hopefully there will be a greater choice and more stock available in the UK for its riders. Dont think it will be long before On One have a set of carbon forks on the market then followed by a frame !

I think this is a lovely looking bike, not sure if its coming to the UK market

oh yes this is the one, check out the sample rims, mega bucks

I just love a nice TI, not many of them about

Wonder if there is going to be a frame to match the forks ?

Time to work hard, play hard

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