5 October 2013

Outskirts of Durham on the Fat Bikes

Not many rides in this week due to workload, so decided to have a chill out ride this morning with kids looping around Durhams out skirts then call in past the City Centre on the way home. The forecast was fantastic but the sun never came out and was overcast & chilly. The tracks are starting to get muddy now and puddles after yesterdays storms. We covered 24 miles and nearly 1500ft climbing but was steady away riding. Below is a gallery of some photos of the ride. The camera battery was flat and is it was not playing ball, apologies.

Farmer has just left enough to ride along

Ploding along the lines

Just rode up this !

Following the boyos

Angus having another practice lap from Wednesday night

Time for a quick break under the tree

Head for the middle arch boys

Waiting for the electric gates to open

Found these en route

Four of them stacked up

Wonder what the cow looking over the gate was thinking?

Also come across another bike

Very bright front wheel

No ice cream today

Dont you just love the local kids sense of humour

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