14 October 2013

Front Light - Lupine Report

I have been mid week night riding for many years now around Durham and the outskirts. My first proper light was a Cateye Stadium, now then who can remeber them! what a beast they were and the first of proper bright lights. Since then they set the standard for many other manufacturers to better. Westbrook Cycles started stocking Lupine so when the battery on my Cateye was not upto a couple hours of riding time i purchased a Edison 5. I used that for many years and still have it. It performed without fault and is an excellent light on both low & high beam settings. When a Betty 7 model come up for sale for half price i could not resist it. It has LED bulbs in the head unit so produces a more whiter/cleaner light compaired to the older style buld in the Edison which has a blue / yellow tinge. The Betty is very easy to install on the bike and only takes less than couple of minutes to set up. It is charged with the same Charger One and pumps out 1680 lumens on full power mode. The one thing i will say is when its on low beam setting it is not as bright as the Edison low setting but is ample for road use with street lighting but is too dull for offroad unless it is dusk. I have not mouted to my helmet so cannot comment on that but the performance from the handlebars is excellent offroad at high speed and just taking it steady through singletrack or bridleways. The overall weight of the light inc battery is just over a pound and burn time is more than enough for my average night ride. I will be using it offroad most weeks now until spring next year. Below is some stock photos of the Betty 7. I will do report on rear lights soon as well.

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