15 September 2013

The new Garmin Edge 510 on test vs Edge 800

I have been using Gamin bike gps for many years now and I am currently using the Garmin Edge 800. From new the set up was easy and navigation through the menus is not too complicated. It has had a couple of blips with satellites on a few occasions when out a ride but apart from that no major problems. The rubber flap on the charging / card ports are not the best and on a wet ride water can creep behind. I just pop the bungs out and let it dry out in the house.
Angus had saved up some money and wanted an early Christmas present so orderd a Garmin Edge 510. Setting it up was very quick and easy. He got the bundle package with HR strap and Cadenece kit. The kit now comes with a fly mount as well as the normal twist & turn mounts. He has fitted the kit to his Cannondale Caad10 with no problems. It is easy to use when out on a ride and uploads the ride data through Garmin Connect when he gets back in. We both did a ride yesterday am and recorded exactly the same ride. The data was all the same which was good to hear apart from Edge 800 recorded alot less elevation gained! I thought that might be the case as i have suspected that mine was getting slow in recording gain when going up a climb. If a road is undualting and i hit it at speed the elevation dosent change even though you can clearly see that I have climb several feet. Not sure if its because the memory is getting full and I need to clear off some old data to free it up? One other difference we found was the cover on the 510 is made from a different silicone and alot less grippy / flexible compaired to the cover for the 800. We will be playing around with it over the next few months and see how the unit performs.
As the weather has now changed its time to get the bikes set up ready for winter / some dirty riding. We have spent some time getting a few bikes ready and a report will follow inc a test on Conti 4 Season Road Tyres.

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