11 September 2013

Ride through to South Shields

Yet again it was a cracking day on Sunday so we decided to have an offroad ride through to South Shields for the day on the Fat Bikes. It was a steady 26 mile ride through mainly on cycle tracks and a couple of beaches as well. Once we got past Marsden we noticed they were getting ready for the Great North Run. We thought it was later in Sept but its this Sunday. Its the biggest set up yet i have ever seen for the event and the lads were very busy setting up the temporary buildings etc. We had a look down at the outdoor velodrome and even that was full of tents and a telecommunications mast had been erected. You will not get anywhere near Shields / Coast or Newcastle this weekend by car but ok by bike! When we got to Shields it was time for ice cream, crazy golf and you cannot got to Shields without having a loop around the lake on the steam train.

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