6 June 2013

The suns out again

so was back out again for a 15 miler today on the Beargrease again for third day running. Todays route was onto the Lines at Meadowfield - broom park - langley park - turn left up the offroad climb & come out at Old Esh - through the farm and down hill to join the esh line - left then to ushaw moor - brrom park - right then back to Meadowfield / work. When i got home there was goodies landed - Deda blue bar tape for Arrans Cannondale road bike, Deuter saddle bag for Arrans Scott Scale mountain bike & a new pump for myself to go onto the beargrease. The spring had come out of the twinhead lever on my old Topeak one and rattled like buggery. I spotted this pump called Blackburn Mammoth Stage 2 in a couple of cycle shops when we were on our hols but was £25. Shopped around and when I got home and got the pump for just under £11 inc p&p. 

I shall report back on how it performs on the 4" tyres, cannot be any worse than any normal mini pump. Looks beefy enough for the job.

Repair night number two - Cannondale Super X this time - two new tyres fitted, both front & rear hubs greased/serviced & adjusted. The rear gears were not changing properley so spent nearly an hour checking cables, adjusting rear mech & cable tension but it must be the Ultegra 10 speed shifter. It just dosent want to work so will be heading back down to Westys for a warranty job. Thanks Richy for washing your bike before dropping it off, not like normal !

The last time it was an open heart surgery job to get a Cannondale Disc CX bike back on road for him, check out the BB in the pic to the left, it took some getting out i tell you.

One last thing if you are planning a ride along the lines tomorrow dont go near Diggerland to Malton stretch as its completely closed to all users and there will be a road diversion in place. After that there will be still works going on for five weeks but should be open but take it steady.

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