18 June 2013

FAT Fork Adaptors & other stuff

Well they have landed and will be used alot to carry the FAT bikes across the UK. All the fork mounted racks in the world dont fit fat forks so adaptors have to be used. There are some adaptors in America etc but decided to do some home brew designed ones. A trip to local fabricators and they were designed. They landed today and have been dry tested with forks in. Just need to spray them up and there finished. Couple of old rear skewers slotted through and ready. Heavy but bullet proof! May be use thinner guage uprights and not so tall but then it saves me bending my back so far to undo them. Many thanks to Dave & the lads from aycliffe fabrications yes they fabricated & erected the Head just off the roundabout @ Newton Aycliffe / A1.

Thursday - finished off building / adjusting Angus's new CX bike ready for the weekend.
Friday - only had time for a quick night loop around Durham river banks and back home. Cracking night and Angus took his new Addict Cx out. Report to follow soon after a few more miles on it.
Saturday - time to get a few miles in so we headed off to Bishop along the lines then to Speeny woods, Croxdale woods, Bowburn and back into Durham & home - 36 miles and steady going route on the Cx bikes. Angus is enjoying the new carbon bling
Sunday - time for a few more miles. Again it was hot after it warmed through by mid morning. Down to Cox Green, took the wrong line and nearly headed to Sunderland, quick back track and off upto Consett. 16 mile climb in the a headwind. Turned left at the coal truck and back to Durham stopping at knitsley farm shop for a refuel at the cafe and spent a small fortune in the shop. Arran got dropped off to finish the last 11-12 miles of the ride with us. Cracking ride - 44 mile route 
Monday - no time for a ride, flat out at work, straigh thome and away down to the League2000 for the evening. Goods nights racing and good crack.

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