5 June 2013

Events & things

This weekend sees the Selkirk Mtb Marathon Event take place. Looks like the new local team have it sorted and there is free camping etc @ the Rugby club. There is going to additional attractions / events on the Friday night inc the pump track & rides with the locals on the Sunday. There is entry on the day for the 25k, 50k & 80k full course. Full details are on the website here

Later in the month is a new event down in Swaledale - Fremington on Sun 30th June. Its an Mtb Enduro but they are also doing a one lap 40k Sportive event for £20. Not sure what they have planned for the Saturday but there is camping in the field on the Sat night. Having ridden the Nutcracker events down there on the edge the terrain will be very technical, steep & stoney. Full details are on there website here not sure if there is going to any entry on the day so better get pre entered now.

After unloading and sorting out / gardening all day Sunday it was a rest day on Monday in the sunshine. The sun was still out onTuesday so was going to go for a road ride but ended up on the Beargrease along the lines loop for a lovely dusty 16 miler and nearly 1000ft quick blast. Today it was too good to be true back to overcast & cloudy with a cool breeze so Beargrease again covering a fast 17miles blast along the line to Bishop & back due to time constraints.
Also two days of sorting mates bikes. First up in my workshop was a Cannondale Rize 140mm, converted to 10 speed and a wheel change. Fitted a Shimano clutch rear mech, not sure if my type of riding requires one but a very good idea. Its away to fortwilliam to mix it up the World Cup crew!  Next one to land is a Cannondale Super X which has had its poor life ridden out of it so will have to wait and see whats worn out.

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