28 June 2013

2014 FAT Bike Models inc Carbon Beargrease

Details are starting to show up on various websites with info on Surly, Salsa and Singular brands. I think the most talked about will be carbon verion of last years alu Beargrease from Salsa. Bikeradar has done a short test ride on a prototype and wrote a breif report and some pics here . No details of the 2014 Mukluk range yet but dont think it will be very long to wait.

Surly have chnaged the colour and some spec on their range of Pugsley, Moonlander etc. The new gold colour of the moonlander is defo brighter than the previous years black.

Singular Cycles here in the UK also have a new prototype out called the Puffin. Its looking good and if the price is right should be a good seller. Some detail on their Facebook page
and last but not least another uk company Genesis are doing the Caribou, steel frameset etc
Kona are also going to do one but not sure if it is going to be imported to the uk shores

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